Film Locations

San Diego, Los Angeles, Catalina

Premiere Yacht Charters can scout the ideal on-the water, underwater and/or waterfront location for your production.

  • Scout locations: beaches, clear horizons, waterfront venues, islands, rugged environs and pristine wildlife habitats…
  • Scout underwater location(s): Reefs, Shipwrecks, Kelp Forests, Tanks, Pools…
  • Scout: boats, yachts and ships
  • Scout and procure your desired location
  • Arrange for shore-side support and staging location(s)
  • Liaison with local on-the-water agencies and acquire permits as needed, with the: US Coast Guard, Lifeguards, Port Authority, Coast Commission, Customs & Border Patrol
  • Coordinate water safety personnel & safety boats
  • Arrange on-the-water security to secure filming perimeter and protect marine set location

Locations include:

  • Offshore/Clear Horizon
  • Cityfront
  • Islands
  • Lakes, Rivers & Ponds
  • Beaches
  • Natural Pristine Coastline
  • Wildlife Habitats
  • Harbors, Marina & Yacht Clubs
  • Military Bases
  • Bays & Lagoons