Marine Coordination

Premiere Yacht Charters provides Marine Consulting and Coordination to ensure the success of your production.  We interpret the creative vision to make workable solutions for filming on the water (an ever changing environment) to maximize time and efficiency.


  • Location Scouting and Permitting
  • Scouting and Procurement of Picture Boats, Camera Boats, Hospitality Yachts & Support Vessels
  • Consulting and Coordination of all marine logistics
  • Coordinate with Harbor Police, Coast Guard and Port Authorities as needed.
  • Assist with on-the-water shot list and scheduling.
  • Sail Training and Instruction for Talent
  • Advisor/Consultant on the marine environment and nuances of life at sea
  • Procuring locations for underwater filming and assembling and coordinating underwater safety specialists/divers
  • Design and fabricate boats, nautical props and set dressing
  • Modify/Customize boat(s)


  • Consulting and Coordination of all marine logistics
  • Coordinate vessel positioning, movement and operation to achieve desired shot
  • Coordinate with crew, boat(s), talent and Director of Photography for each shot
  • Anticipate and coordinate boat handling/props/materials/rigging needs etc.
  • Monitor weather and vessel traffic
  • Provide security boat(s) and personnel to protect on-the-water set(s)
  • Provide sailing, surfing, water sport talent and/or instruction and coaching
  • Modify/Customize boat(s)


On 28 Aug 2012 I attended the filming of Captain Phillips, the story of the Maersk Alabama piracy take over, a marine event permitted by Sector San Diego. Gregory Goodman was the producer on scene and Kenneth Manzoni was the Marine Operations supervisor. The filming included a staff of approximately 60 personnel, 10 vessels, 9 skydivers, 1 C-130 airplane, 1 EMT, 1 Navy Public Affairs LT, and myself, MSTC Andrew Wall, USCG. Mr. Manzoni controlled all of the vessel operations from his inspected 60′ Catamaran, ADVENTURESS using two diffident radio channels. One channel for filming production and one for safety vessels. Mr. Manzoni ran both radios, piloted his vessel, piloted other safety vessels from his vessel, took production advice and maintained professionalism while 9 former Navy Seals where dropping from a C-130 above him. He excelled at his position of Marine operations supervisor.

The ADVENTURESS acted as the mother ship, holding most of the filming crew(under 49 pass), filming equipment, food and water, Navy LT, myself and the EMT…

6 vessels were used as safety. 2 vessels were used as camera vessels. One vessel was being filmed and the ADVENTURESS was command and control… At 1836 all vessel were in place and the filming began with jumpers exiting the C-130. Again Mr. Manzoni displayed excellent command over all personnel and vessels to ensure safety and a high quality of filming…

…This marine event was executed professionally and without incident.

MSTC Andrew Wall
US Coast Guard Sector San Diego
Assistant Waterways Management Chief